Tired of all the bad news

While we can't deny the difficulites for so many people at home and overseas, it's important to take account of the positives, and to spread the Good News. I don't know who said this but; "No-one ever injured their eyesight by looking on the bright side." Blessings..

Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Pope Benedict XVI wrote his first Encyclical Letter to the Church in 2005 and he called it Deus Caritas Est (God is Love) At the beginning of this Encyclical he argues that there's a problem of language and he says; "Today the term “love” has become one of the most frequently used and misused of words, a word to which we attach quite different meanings." In English, the word love is used for  all sorts of meanings from the everyday to the most profound; "I love chips" to "I love you".

In the Greek language there are a few meanings for love. For example, the words; Eros and Agape. Eros does very well on Valentine's day; romance, flowers, chocolates, cards etc. Agape would be a deeper love.  It is a love that puts others first, a love that walks the road of life, a love that is unconditional. In Irish, the word cion would mean a love that is skin deep (I love ice-cream) whereas grรก means a deeper love.

Incidentally, the Latin word 'Caritas' or Charity, here means unconditional love. That is the love that last long after Valentine's day is over.

Happy Valentine's day! and as the old saying goes, say it with Flowers.


  1. "Love is like a violin. The music may stop now and then, but the strings remain forever."
    Never take love for granted, especially when you're with someone for a long time. Each day, at the very least, I hug my husband and tell him I love him, and not in a repetative way, but in a sincere way. Try it if you have a special someone, it's lovely and your someone will be very happy too!

  2. Love is one of the most precious emotions God has given us. Today my child is in pain. I would give my very heart to be able to take that pain from her. All I can do is cuddle her and it is just a reminder not to forget what a strong and precious emotion it is and how much the ones we love mean to us. Sometimes we just expect them to know when they might like to hear it.